Kenya’s sports betting opens a world of opportunities for punters


October 22,2018,Nairobi.With betting now graduating from a pastime to a money minting venture for majority of Kenyan players, great sports betting sites Kenya have mushroomed to sate the unmatched appetite. This, as studies indicate that Kenya continues to blaze the trail in the continent on uptake and spend on betting with young people predominantly driving this new trend. Investors, alive to this gold mine that is guaranteeing impressive returns on investments, have pitched tent in the country paving way for an unprecedented number of sport betting outlets countrywide.

The expansion by the regulator, Betting Control and Licensing Board, of internet betting has further cemented the place of betting in the country while opening up a world of opportunities to everyone in the business of betting. In fact online sports betting has overtaking traditional forms. To further bolster their reach, sport betting firms have introduced USSD services that ensure those betting can easily do so via SMS without accessing the internet.

The proliferation of these bookmarkers have been good news to punters who now have an array of services and offers to book from, as the sport betting sites introduce cutting edge services to win more customers.

From welcoming betting bonuses to other targeted and niche promotions, bookmakers are raising the stakes everyday in this this highly competitive market. The betting companies have even gone a notch higher and introduced live streaming and betting statistics with a view to helping the bettors increase their chances of winning.  Pundits posit that in making up their mind on which site to invest in, players factor in fast payouts, best sports odds and enticing bonuses.

At the heart of this craze and growing number of punters has been the rising number of overnight millionaires and other Kenyans whose fortunes have been changed as betting takes pride of place in the country.

Soccer remains the most favourite sport among bettors. Indeed a GePoll study indicated that Kenyan youths bet the most with 79 per cent of bets placed on football matches. However there has been a commendable interest in other sports including Polo, tennis, cycling, rugby, basketball, volleyball and baseball among others.

And sports betting is only just beginning. By 2022, the global gambling market will reach $635 billion according to findings from Research and Markets, a firm based in Dublin. Sports betting will take a lion share of this market with Africa being a major driver of this multimillion dollar industry. GeoPoll puts Kenya ahead of continental peers in sports betting pointing to the fortunes that await punters in years to come.


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