Kenya is slowly becoming a Sports Betting Empire – The Top Developments


June 9,2018,Nairobi.If you love sports betting but have always wondered as to how you can bet on your favorite matches, since well, sports betting is still an illegal activity in many countries, here is the thing – you are in luck if you are in Kenya!

Kenyan Sports Betting: Getting Better and Better!

Kenya is one of the few countries in the world that allows legal sports betting and is slowly becoming a sports betting empire. In fact, the sports betting trend is not only limited to Kenya but is also spreading all across Africa, including Nigeria, and is becoming a phenomenon. You could start your own sports betting career, for instance, and play and bet on all your favorite matches from football to hockey to cricket and more. All you need to do is to join Betway now!

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A Look at the Sports Betting Industry

The betting industry is huge and a multi -million dollar one. You will see millions of sports fan betting on which team will win or which player will score more and many of them are playing in millions.

Though the betting industry has people from different age group, in Africa, millenials, especially from the Sub-Saharan region, are using their cell phones to bet on football which is costing them less than $50 USD and if done right they are earning handsome amount.

The impact of betting in Kenya

If you don’t know how betting has affected the people of Kenya then you must follow the below list which will make it clear to you how the people of Kenya are influenced by sports betting:
• Kenya has the highest number of youth betting which is in the age group of 17-35. This means that there will be more millionaires in few years in Kenya than in any other country only from betting.

• Gambling has become very popular among male millennials because of their interest in sports and local betting agencies. It has opened doors for many young people who can now use their interest in sports to bet and win money.

• The next thing that betting is going to do is to highly improve the economy of the country as people winning money through betting will increase the living standards.

• The country’s development will be faster and the casinos and gambling industry will also flourish rapidly which will increase gambling and betting and will call for more betters.

• Other places in the country will also be able to develop like Nairobi, the gambling capital of Kenya.

How Did Things Change in Kenya?

The developments that have come up after Kenya is forwarding towards sports betting clearly states that how impactful betting was in Kenya and how much influencing it is now. It has also cleared the air that Kenya will grow more in the betting industry and will become the leader in sports betting. This will bring better opportunities for the people of Kenya and will also improve the status of Kenya and its people.


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