Bercomex offers new possibilities in rose processing

Renewed RoseMatic System

November 2, 2016, Nairobi. Bercomex has plenty of news about rose processing, At the IFTF 2016; Bercomex will be launching the renewed RoseMatic while visitors can also gain insight into the remote service provision of the Service & Parts department.

Renewed RoseMatic

During the IFTF 2016, visitors can get to know the renewed RoseMatic, a system that is especially suitable for rose growers beyond Europe. Not only does this automated rose processing system grade each rose stem with utmost precision thanks to the use of four cameras; the roses are also cut to the required length, de-leafed per stem, de-thorned and, if advisable, treated by a UV light module. Roses are collected in sliders, after which they can be further processed by means of any required packaging method. This version of the RoseMatic features a renewed stripper, including a de-leafing and de-thorning function. In addition, the system features a delayed start activation, enabling easy changing between varieties. Meanwhile, the first RoseMatic systems have been installed in Asia and South-America. The RoseMatic can handle up to 9,000 stem holders per hour and is suitable for all rose cultivars.

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Furora Rosa in development

For many years, the Furora has been a well-proven system for the processing of, among others, tulips and chrysanthemums. In the meantime, the Furora is also being prepared for the processing of roses. The Furora Rosa enables rose processing at high speed. Growers using this system can perform up to 24 gradings, which – in many cases – means progress as compared to the current possibilities. The first series of Furora Rosa systems is currently being installed in order to gain extensive practical experience with this fully automated processing system. Ongoing launching of the Furora Rosa has been scheduled for early 2017.

Remote service demonstration

Extra attention will be paid at the 2016 edition of IFTF to Service & Parts, an essential Bercomex department. Close collaboration between customers and service ensures that machine parks can be kept in optimal condition. Bercomex service engineers perform preventive maintenance, remedy machine failures and can provide advice about, for example, optimal machine settings. Nowadays, in many cases there is no longer a need to provide firstline support on the spot. Using remote servicing, Bercomex Service Support can log in from a distance and monitor the technical events and progress. Control of the machine can be taken over so that immediate assistance is provided to the customers. Visitors to the IFTF 2016 can get to know this remote service by means of demonstrations. By watching these demonstrations, customers can form a good idea of the extensive potential of remote service.

You are welcome at the Bercomex stand

We would like to invite you to visit our stand at the IFTF. You can find Bercomex at stand number C4.24.

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