Amiran’s 1 Acre kit to unlock farmers’ potential


Kenya’s leading agricultural products firm, Amiran Kenya limited, which has in the recent years revolutionized small scale agriculture sector in East Africa, with its approach based on bringing knowledge, know-how and modern agro-technology, has introduced a new irrigation system.

The 1 acre irrigation system is the anchor for the Amiran Acre Kit, was designed by Netafim, a drip irrigation giant from Israel. The Kit will cater for the growing need for food in the country. It is easy to use and comes with gravity fed drip irrigation system serving upto 4,000 square metres (1 Acre), filters and valves, a 5,000 litre water tank, seeds, fertilizers, agro-chemicals, knapsack and personal protective gear. Installation and guide on basic operation is done for free.

“The new kit is ideal for farmers in arid and semi-arid regions where water is not sufficient for agriculture and will provide a new reality for farmers growing grains,” said Yariv Kedar, Amiran’s Deputy Managing Director during 3rd Edition of the Eastern Africa Grains Council (EAGC) Agribusiness Expo 2012.Most farmers are rain dependent and only produce once in a year, they can now triple their yield by planning for three seasons annually he added. The expo was held at the Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RVIST).

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With the kit, farmers in arid and semi-arid regions can easily achieve more than 180 bags of maize per year per hectare in three seasons. Currently the yields are much minimal because most of the times, the seasons are interrupted by lack of enough water to complete a crop cycle and it is worsened by insufficient rainfall.  “Modern technology makes farmers succeed. This new innovation comes from the need to bring to smallscale farmers a product they can use from the shelves directly to the market,” said Kedar. “The kit makes farming cool and fun too. At a cost of Sh. 337,000, a farmer will get the kit.

The expo was themed ‘Integrating innovation and technology for sustainable agribusiness’ sought to emphasis farmers into embracing new technologies and practising modern farming methods.   Executive Director, EAGC, Gerald Musila told the farmers to be on the lookout for new products available in the market whether technical or financial. “The country must put more emphasis on agriculture,” he said. “We need to invest 10 per cent of our GDP into agriculture and formulate supportive policies

to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage, said Musila.


  1. Hii I’m Joseph from Nanyuki, i like this idea of open field kit.Id like to know how much will cost me to install a 1\8 and 1\4 of an acre of your kit

  2. This is fantastic. With the growing population, it is in the best interest for the youth not only to focus on employment but to go agriculture. Kindly assist with the your contacts and stations.

  3. Joseph and Fredrick Omondi thank you so much for your concern and we apologize for the delayed feedback. kindly contact Elgon Kenya, through Nelson Maina tel: 0722403103, 0733214725. They have their representatives across the country.

  4. Hi Am Joseph from Nyeri.Mathira
    Would like to farm horticultural produce under guidance
    Via greenhouse and drip irrigation..
    At our family farm we have drilled a borehole and I feel I can farm say an acre for a start
    Am currently saving. Hope to take a loan by dec this year
    Kindly advise esp on total budget including agronomical support/ mgt
    Will appreciate

  5. Hey am Samuel from laikipia where rainfall is a challenge where can I get know how on drips of to farm different plants and spacing main one beighn maize

  6. Dear Sir, I am very interested in purchasing a kit for 1 acre. I have a 3 acre farm in Mabokoni, South Coast , Diani. The soil is very fertile and I also have a fully functioning well with plentiful, clean water which has been tested by Crop Nutrition Ltd. in Nairobi, so water is not an issue. I have 1 acre which has been recently ploughed, and thus would be most grateful if you could send me an expert to my farm so we can discuss the best way forward.

  7. Also sell drip irrigation kits under Twiga Chemical Industries Ltd. Contact me-James Kombora via 0727731530/0763731530.

  8. I need a drip kit on a plot of 50/50 putting in mind i have an elevated water tank of 4000L at a corner of the plot.


  9. I came across this website as I was trying to learn what soils that can grow what in Kenya to make an experiment on returns. Kindly if u can Inform the types of crops and soil that can support expenses n make income. Looking for marginalized due to weather areas that can possibly make returns. Thank u


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