EU: Avocado prices sky high because of large demand from US


August 19, 2011

The market for avocados, both Hass and Greenskin, is good at the moment, but because the US opened its market due to rising demand and constrained supply, reducing supplies from South America to the EU. Consequently, prices for avocados are between 8.50 and 10 euro according to Herman Hoogendoorn of Nature’s Pride. “A few weeks ago 200 containers were still shipped to the EU and at the moment there are only 80 or even less. The most important reason is that the American market has not enough available domestically and Peru is allowed to export there. Mexico has quality problems because of the rain and also in California the harvest is small and just about over,” Herman was quoted by FreshPlaza as saying.
“Peru last year received entry into the American market and because of the shortage they take large volumes. As a result far less comes to Europe. In addition America is just round the corner for Peru and the trip to Europe takes 21 days. Also Americans consume more avocado’s than here. For instance they use lots for guacamole. Americans are also easier going as far as oil content is concerned than we are. Our rule is that avocado’s contain 9.5 to 10% of oil, but different norms apply in America, ” he added.

“Also the prices in America are sky high” Herman continues. “A box of 11 Kgs costs at the moment between 46 and 55 dollars, which is $4.50 to $5.50/kg. Prices here converted are about $3.50, which is a difference of up to $2.00.”

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The Brazilian season is over and South Africa ends in September. These countries do not export to the US “Chile export to America as well and these large volumes come at the end of October, if all goes well the market will get some breathing space. I expect good prices for the time being” The importer thinks that the situation will be different next year. “Then America will have sufficient themselves and perhaps better weather conditions in Mexico.”

Herman Hoogendoorn


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