Onions : Red Passion F1

6/May/2016 7:48:36 pm
Onions : Red Passion F1

The potential yield for Red Passion F1 is about 23,000 kgs ((23 tonnes) per acre with a seed rate of 1.5 kg per acre approximately costing Ksh 19,200. The benefits of Red

Passion F1 are: fast maturityof 120 days, after transplanting; resistance to pink rot diseases and purple blotch tolerance to downey mildew and blights; medium sized bulbs with a very striking red colour and ideal shape; long shelf / storage life of up to 6 months without sprouting, rotting or losing weight ; fitted to wide climatic range from very hot to mildly cool areas (like endarasha in mweiga)

Cultural activities

Onion requires being planted in a nursery for about a  month and then transplanted at pencil thickness. Depending on weather, onion is mainly grown with rain fed conditions
although one of the best crops for irrigated farming.

Diseases and pests vary with weather although to watch out is the downey mildew and serious pests of thrips.

Onion equires a dry period at harvesting to ensure good curing and reduce rotting.

labour is equal for all onions including the open pollinated varieties.

By James Nderitu, sales officer
Simlaw Seeds Co.  Ltd

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musenene johnborn

do you have Red Passion F1 suppliers in Uganda? please get me their contacts

khalid mehmood khan

kindly tell me can it be grown in pakistan punjab area and have you got enough evidence to prove that pakistan land is suitable for the crop .. kindy let me know through email


Can it be successfully grown in gilgil area? Where can I buy the seeds?


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I would like to grow it along costal region but I would like to understand if 1) The product have been tested in costal regions - eg Mombasa in Kenya. 2) Do you have suppliers of Red Passion F1 seeds in Tanzania? Please give me their contact numbers.


can it be grown in cherangany hills?

shankar honmane

in my area raine season from june to september avreg rainfall is 600 mm and 20-30 degree is this verity sutable for this climate if yes pls.sent prise of one kg onion seed.

paul nsamba

Thank you for providing this platform ,i would like to know if you have dealers in uganda because i also to buy the seeds .i would also like to know if they give demonstrations. Thank you Paul nsamba


can i find the seeds in uganda?

Mr Morris

Dear Sir. What is the cost of the following Hybrid per/KG Hybrid onion orient = Hybrid onion red passion= Please be specific. Regards Morris Morgan Purchase Manager

stanley bii

can i grow red passion in kericho lower parts like sondu,if so where can i get advice on spacing,pesticides and handling the harvests,thanx

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