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i wanted to know how much can i earn from 1 acre of watermelons with the normal seeds. thank you.

From eric imamai on February 02, 2013 at 10:04 AM

30/Apr/2016 4:20:35 am
Answer :

Dear Eric,

Kindly find below the response from East African Seed Company.                 

 1) Where can I get hybrid seeds? Our hybrid seed are available at all major agrovets, they are also available from our Nairobi Branch outlet located at Kijabe street.

2) Which varieties are available? At the moment we have watermelon Sukari F1 and Zuri F1 varieties

3) Do you have any information as to the price of each of the variety per 1kg? How many packets or kg’s is enough to plant an acre? For Sukari F1, you require 500gms which is currently going for Ksh 9000 while for Zuri, you require 250gms Which is currently going for Ksh 13,000.

4) What are the yields per acre for each of the variety mentioned above? Both varieties will yield between 20 to 25 tonnes per acre depending on soil fertility and farming practices

5) Based on your experience which variety is popular in the market?

Sukari F1 is very popular in the market, however, the demand of water melon far exceeds the supply, and thus there is always a ready market for either variety

6) Which variety is suitable for growing in this area? Both Sukari F1 and Zuri F1 will do well in the region.

7) Do you know where i can find technical information on how to handle the crop i.e from planting to harvesting? We have agronomists in all regions in the Country who you can contact for technical support and guidance.

Kindly contact our Nyanza region agronomist Mr. Shem on Tel 0711874385 for further details and arrange for a possible farm visit or call our offices on 020652101/4

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Someone told me sugar belle f1 is many grammes per acre n its cost?is it suitable in kibwezi by irrigation along athi river?where can i get it then.want to plant by end of it a good time for the plant?how much can it yield for an acre?are the seeds resistant?


Hi. We ave total shortage of sukari f1 watermelon Baringo. Where do we get the seeds?

Joyce k

Am from uganda and some fellow farmers have grown water melon can I get market for them in Kenya, thanks

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